Hi-Tech Extras

The Internet is expanding - at all levels, and in many directions. At its inception all that was possible was the exchange of simple text files. Now, new technologies that expand the capabilities of the Internet are being unveiled almost daily.

CyberView prides itself on being able to offer an array of technologies that have entered the Internet mainstream and are thus available to the largest number of viewers.

JavaScript is a simple programming language that can provide your site with some interesting features. While many scripts are pretty useless, some are very handy (such as the pop-up boxes on our Services page. There are thousands of scripts available - or CyberView's programmers can create one on demand.
Java Applets
Java Applets are in fact tiny computer programs that are downloaded and run on your computer. They can perform a large number of functions such as the navigation bar on the left, the animated 'CyberView' at the top of your screen, the Lake applet is in use on our Site Index, and the Fade Applet outlines our offerings on CyberView's Services page. CyberView has a large library of 'ready to go" applets available - custom programming is available to meet your specific needs.
Dynamic HTML (DHTML)
DHTML, combined with Cascading Style Sheets, are quietly revolutionising the field of website design. The animation and interactivity options it provides are awesome - and its only just arrived. Only 4.0 generation browsers can recognise DHTML so visitors to this site with 3.0 browsers or lower won't have seen the DHTML animations we've incorporated. One BIG problem is that Netscape and Microsoft have their own 'flavours' of DHTML - CyberView is firmly neutral in the browser wars - the DHTML incorporated into our sites is viewable by both the major browsers. e.g. Splash.
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Cascading Style Sheets are a new innovation that removes the layout limitations of HTML and raises website design to the level of a full scale DTP utility. An entire site takes its layout guides from a single file - change the file, the whole site changes. Fonts, borders, colours, size, and other features are addressed by CSS1 - CSS2, which allows such refinements as layered graphics, is currently supported only by MSIE 4.0.
Macromedia FLASH™ animation
CyberView has always liked working in FLASH™, the resulting full multimedia experiance is very rewarding both to the client and to the developer. Anything is possible if you can think it we can build it and more... e.g. FLASH™


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