Why Us ?
What makes CyberView different ?

The vast majority of Web designers today are marketing the Internet as a simple advertising medium, they (and their clients) have yet to rediscover what the established advertising media (T.V.,radio, newspapers) have known for a very long time - that potential customers will only be exposed to the advertising if they have a reason (such as sitcoms, music and news). Even roadside billboards grab you while you're on your way to somewhere else.

" Build it and they will come! " does not apply to the Internet

In contrast, CyberView recognises that a website succeeds or fails on the basis of its content. Many designers rely primarily on graphics or cutting-edge technology to create 'websites that work' - the truth is, they don't.

With few exceptions, people surfing the Internet are looking for easily accessible information, not just stand-alone advertising, pretty pictures or the latest technology.

As you will find on our Hi-Tech Extras page, CyberView can give your website all the 'bells and whistles' you desire but we never lose sight of the fact they are only tools. The core of our development strategy, outlined in our Services section, is a partnership with our clients aimed at the creation of a dynamic information resource that will keep visitors to your site returning again and again.


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