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Excite indexes 250 million pages and media objects and also indexes Usenet news. In addition, it offers a comprehensive, in-depth subject arrangement of 150,000 sources.


Excite provides simple and advanced interfaces. More Search gives the option of an Advanced Web, News or Audio Video search. The Advanced Search page is forms-based to let you quickly create Boolean searches. You specify how many search results and where you want it to search. Eleven languages are provided or you may search by a lengthy list of countries or by domain. Excite is outstanding in concept searching; it can provide sites for more specific terms than originally entered. If you find a page that is good, click on find similar pages. Also, by typing in certain keywords you may access publicly-traded companies, sports teams and leagues, TV shows, cities and states, colleges and universities, automobiles, music bands, artists and albums and several other categories.


  • + sign and - sign before words indicates a must include or eliminate entirely condition.
  • OR is the default, but it supports using AND and AND NOT: must be entered in capital letters.
  • Excite's search engine recognizes upper case letters on word beginnings as names.
  • In a Boolean search put names in quotation marks.
  • Terms are automatically searched as word prefixes or roots. Nesting term 1 with term 2 or term 3 is allowed.


Excite is best used for finding widely discussed, mainstream topics. Three categories of results are Directory, Web results and Web news. The hit display includes title, URL, brief summary and relevance rating with results shown in decreasing order. You may instead choose to display results grouped by Web site or show titles only.


Revised July 02, 2001

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