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Slurp, the Web crawler, indexes about 110+ million sites. It provides a good collection of features in a single easy-to-use interface. Timely reindexing of sites provides more updated sites than many search engines.


A customizable forms-based single interface for simple searches lets you modify a search term from a drop-down list. Choose advanced search options and you have even more choices. You can limit the search to specific domains (such as .com or .org), geographic locations, very specific choices of media types and technologies, time periods and specified page depth. HotBot offers a language limit for nine languages, a personal page limit, and a check box for word stemming providing word variants of a search term.


  • Truncation is available for one letter by using the question mark, however, it offers left-hand truncation by using the asterisk.
  • It allows specifying phrase searching or you can use quotation marks around a phrase.
  • Boolean searches are supported through the menu options or using AND the default word, OR and NOT.
  • Matches any usage of uppercase characters with search terms.
  • Searching for specific technologies on pages that contain Java, Javascript, VRML (3 D), Acrobat, Shockwave, ActiveX, MP3, audio, video or image files is possible in advanced search.


Relevancy of results is based on several factors: word frequency, number of times words appear in the title, document keywords and document length. Duplicate sites are listed with only one title, but all URLs are given. You may request search results in URLs only, brief description including title and summary, full description including title, summary, relevancy ranking and URL in increments of 10, 25, 50, or 100. Descriptions are pulled from <META> tags or top headings. A list of the ten most-visited sites for your topic is shown. These top ten hits from Direct Hit are incorporated into the regular search results if the output is set to ten and there are results available from Direct Hit.


Revised July 02, 2001

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