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A search engine with a longer existence than many, Lycos is keeping up by strong relevancy ranking capabilities and providing a mix of features. As is the trend with the major search tools, Lycos is a conglomeration of databases, online services and other Internet properties. Top 5% sites with reviews and immediate links to images and sound including MP3 compressed music audio files for downloading are provided. To supplement information accessed by search engines, Lycos has added its Invisible Web Catalog of more than 7,000 specialty search resources. Users can browse the listings or follow the links provided in search results for a topic. By clicking on a link one can access the information in databases that are invisible to search engines.


Lycos offers both a simple and an advanced search. Their advanced interface includes numerous options to create and to modify the search logic. You can specify that results include the search terms in just the title, the URL or find either complete or partial terms within a specific Web site. There are 25 languages that can be specified for searching.


  • Boolean and is the default.
  • The advanced interface allows the searcher to specify and, or, not between words.
  • Using a minus sign - before a term eliminates it from the search.
  • Using a plus sign + ensures it will be included.
  • For relationships between words use adj., near, far or before.


Provides search results grouped by site but no option to ungroup the results. There are four categories of results: Popular, Web Sites, News and Shopping. Provides number of hits, title and a brief summary. After the initial search you may click for various options: match categories from their subject directory as well as multimedia or book links, go to matching categories from Open Directory or refine the search or search within your hits.

Lycos...Lycosidae, the Wolf Spider, a cosmopolitan family of relatively large, active ground spiders that catch their prey by pursuit rather than in a web. Noted for their running speed, they are particularly active at night.

 Revised July 02, 2001

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