tip #34 - learn advanced html

tip #60 - use frames

tip #11 - view other people's source

tip #97 - use transparent GIF images

tip #22 - change your background color

tip #53 - change your background pattern

tip #69 - promote your site


 HTML examples of cool stuff like colors, fonts, background sounds, tables, and more.

Yahoo's Page Design and Layout Links has links to advanced HTML information.

Transparent Images Yahoo's index of resources on transparent GIF images.

HTML Background Color Selector This interactive page lets you play with color schemes for your web page. You specify the colors you want, and it shows you what it will look like.

How To Succeed as a Corporate Webmaster A slide show presentation on what it means to be a Webmaster in a corporate environment.

How can I keep statistics on my web server? Links to over 10 sites which provide server statistics packages. Many are UNIX-based and work on common server platforms.

Website Banner Advertising Here's some insider information on advertising on the Web.

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