tip #5 - use CGI forms and scripts

tip #84 - use image maps

tip #33 - read Designing Web Graphics

tip #82 - add multimedia

tip #30 - master your graphics tools

tip #36 - use the single-pixel GIF trick


Good Practices has great web site development tips for learning HTML Design and Style, Cascading Style Sheets and many more additional resources.

The NCSA CGI Pages is the definitive source of Common Gateway Interface information.

Matt's Script Archive has lots of free CGI Perl scripts for the taking.

Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Adobe Photoshop Over 20 cool tips on creating graphics effects using Adobe Photoshop.

The Single-Pixel GIF Trick How to use a single-pixel GIF file to control layout spacing and create rectangles on an HTML page. It's a trick!

WEB Wonk Over 10 excellent tips for designing better web pages. An emphasis on type, graphics, and layout.

Developing a High-End Website The Web Developer's Virtual Library tells all. Guidelines for structure, layout, graphics, forms, and more.

Designing Web Graphics Lynda Weinman is the author of the excellent "Designing Web Graphics". Her homepage is exquisite, and her domain name is her first name!

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