tip #97 - use transparent GIF images

tip #87 - use GIF animation

tip #7 - know the difference between GIF and JPEG

tip #40 - get free graphics from the web

tip #47 - choose non-dithering colors

tip #22 - change your background color

tip #53 - change your background pattern

tip #65 - use smaller graphics files for quick response

tip #30 - master your graphics tools

tip #80 - use dark against light 

tip #25 - design a logo


Transparent Images Yahoo's index of resources on transparent GIF images.

Free GIFs and Animations Transparent GIF files, background patterns,and all kinds of lines (horizontal rules).

 Speed up your graphics by decreasing the number of bits in the images. Your readers will appreciate the zippy response.

HTML Background Color Selector This interactive page lets you play with color schemes for your web page. You specify the colors you want, and it shows you what it will look like.

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