#34 - learn advanced HTML

For some examples of how things are done in HTML, check out Show Me the HTML!. Cool!

You can create great Web sites with simple HTML, but at some point you might want to extend your bag of tricks with some advanced features of HTML. There are lots of places to learn advanced HTML. Check out the numerous tips at this site, or try some of the following places.

HTML examples of cool stuff like colors, fonts, background sounds, tables, and more. Yahoo's Page Design and Layout Links has links to advanced HTML sites. Netscape has lots of information on advanced techniques, especially Netscape-specific extensions to HTML. In particular, Netscape offers advanced tips at Creating High-Impact Documents.  covers all aspects of style.

As you explore advanced HTML, remember that not all browsers are capable of the advanced features. If you stick to simple HTML you will reach more viewers, but if you use advanced HTML you can get more impact from your Web pages. The choice is yours, and it depends on what you're trying to achieve.

Have fun extending your bag of HTML tricks!

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