#37 - learn html

For live examples of how to use HTML, check out Show Me the HTML!. Cool!

Of course, you have to start by learning HTML (HyperText Markup Language). HTML is a simple language that just adds a few bells and whistles (called tags) to a normal text file. HTML tags basically allow you to add graphics images and hyperlinks to your document. Hyperlinks connect your document to other documents on the Web.

The good news is that you don't have to learn too many tags to create an HTML document. The bad news is that HTML doesn't give you a lot of control over how the document is laid out (unlike most word processors and desktop publishers). Don't worry about it. Just give it a try!

My favorite list of HTML commands is W3schools, which has an easy-to-use alphabetical listing of the commands and has clear and simple explanations. Check it out.

Now you need to get serious about learning HTML. Use the Web as your first source of information about HTML. Check out sites like A Beginner's Guide to HTML, A Guide to Learning HTML. Also, check out a book on HTML, like Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML 4 in a Week, by Laura Lemay and Arman Danesh, ISBN #1575213362.

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