#69 - promote your site

So you've just created a great Web site. Now what? You need to promote your site to get people to come in and see it.

The first thing you need to do is submit your site to directory services. The easiest way to get the word out is to use Submit It. Just fill in the form and Submit It will submit your listing to about 20 search engines. Before you make the submission, you should decide on about 20 keywords that you would like the search engines to use to identify your site. After you've done Submit It, check out Promoting Your Page for tips on other places to list your site.

Note that some of the directory services (like Yahoo) categorize your listing. It is important for you to choose the category that best represents your site, and you should do this before you submit your listing. It also helps if your name is at the front of the alphabet, like AAA CyberCool.

Other directory services (like Altavista) provide searches based on the content of your document - they actually scan your HTML for keywords. For these search engines, it is critical that your homepage contains all the keywords that you would like to describe your site. If your homepage is pure graphics, these search engines won't have any idea how to list you!

In addition to directory listings, you can also get other Web sites to link to you. You can exchange links (banner advertisements) with other sites at The Link Exchange. If your site includes links to other sites, you might send their webmasters a polite email informing them of your site and requesting that they link back to you. Many webmasters are happy to oblige.

Finally, you can place paid advertisements on the Web. Find a site that attracts your potential readers and offers advertising space. Give them a nice logo graphic to link to you, and them pay them for hits. Note that you will probably be charged per viewing of your advertisement, not per person who successfully connects to you.

Now that you have a great Web site, promote it!

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