#96 - get html editors

For live examples of how to create HTML, check out Show Me the HTML! Cool!

If you want to get an HTML editor, you have several options. In addition to the possibilities listed here, check out Carl Davis's HTML editor reviews, or Yahoo's list of HTML editors.

Hotdog is a popular shareware program.

I can highly recommend Microsoft FrontPage. This easy-to-use and powerful Web site creation program works like a word processor. Make your life easy and get it today.

New versions of the Netscape Navigator have an HTML editor built right in, so you can browse, edit, and view HTML all inside of Netscape.

You don't actually need an HTML editor to write HTML. You can just use a regular text editor like Notepad, or vi, or whatever you have on your system. In fact, you might even benefit from this approach because it forces you to learn the HTML tags. But my suggestion is that you get an HTML editor that streamlines your work.

Also, you need a good graphics package that can handle bitmapped graphics (a paint or photo-editing program). It needs to be able to read in many graphics file formats, and write out GIF and JPEG. The professionals all use Adobe PhotoShop, which runs on Macintosh and PC's and costs several hundred dollars. If you don't want to pay the big bucks for PhotoShop, a good shareware option is PaintShop Pro, for PC's.

You have quite a few options here, so get an editor and start writing HTML!

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